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    Vstupný test


    Získajte ohodnotenie Vašich jazykových zdatností, alebo sa precvicte len tak zo zábavy!

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    Online Learning


    To inlingua Online Learning

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    Cvičenie týždňa


    Viete, ako sa po anglicky povie "fun" na 7 písmen? Cvičte sa v anglictine pravidelne.

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    inlingua v zahraničí


    Vychutnajte si cudzie jazyky i kultúru. Nájdite správne riešenie s inlingua.

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    inlingua International

    Jedna z najväčších svetových organizácií na výučbu jazykov.

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    inlingua dopisujúci priatelia

    Precvičte si svoje jazykové zdatnosti a získajte nových priatelov po celom svete.

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    Our Courses


    inlingua Nitra offers wide range of courses and a flexible educational system. Choose the most suitable course for you according to your needs, interests and schedule. You might study in groups of no more than 8 students, in very small groups of 2 to 4 students, or individually.

    After taking the placement test (language proficiency level test) our personnel will advise you which program and which course is the most suitable for you, always taking into account your needs and expectations.

    For more information, call us, email us or contact us personally at our school.

    Our courses are based on the internationally accepted training programs, successfully tested in over 40 countries around the world. Professionalism of our teachers, our personnel and the continuous support of the inlingua International team of specialists are the best guarantee of your success in achieving your goals.

    What can I choose from?

    • All the language levels from the beginners to the advanced
    • Schedule of classes: Morning, afternoon, evening; courses in working days and weekends
    • Extensive courses: 2 hours 2 times a week, or according to your preference
    • Small groups (maximum 8 students), very small groups (maximum 4 students) and individual courses (one-to-one)
    • Traditional in-class courses and online courses
    • General programs for adults and children
    • Option to get discounted prices by combining traditional courses with online training

    What languages can we study?

    English American and British trainers     Spanish Spanish trainers
    German bilingual trainers    French French and bilingual trainers
    Italian Italian and bilingual trainers    Russian  Bilingual trainer
    Slovak Slovak trainers

    If you are interested in studying other languages, please, contact us.

    What do I have to do to sign up for a course?

    1. Contact us. Either visit us in our school, call us, or email us.
    2. If you have already studied the given language, take the Placement Test (level placement test) through the Internet or in our school (paper based). According to the results of your test, and taking into account your needs and expectations, we will recommend you the program and the course most suitable for you.
    3. Formalize the registration (No registration fee)

    What other services am I entitled to?

    Apart from quality training and individual approach to every student, we will provide you with:

    • information about scholarships and study abroad
    • wireless Internet
    • inlingua certificate proving your achieved language level, the certificate is internationally accepted in over 40 countries (you will obtain it by successfully passing the Achievement Test)
    • private parking for bicycles (there are also a number of car parking places in the surroundings of the school)
    • free entrance to every cultural event we organize
    • backyard and balcony designed for relax
    • discounts in purchases of learning material
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